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Pagtipig sa Enerhiya sa Base Station sa Komunikasyon

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Pagtipig sa Enerhiya sa Base Station sa Komunikasyon

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The principle and constitution of solar photovoltaic power generation 

Solar photovoltaic power generation is the use of solar cells to convert the sun's light energy into electric energy, through the control of the controller, 

on one hand, directly provide electricity to the corresponding circuit or load ; on the other hand - the excess electric energy stores in the battery providing backup power at night or when the power generated by solar cells is low.


The controller is automatically recharge and discharge of storage battery monitoring device, when the battery is full of electricity, it will automatically cut off the charging circuit or converts charge to float charging ways making the battery charged too; when the battery discharge has occurred, it can give out alarm prompt timely and relevant protection action, thus battery can be with long-term reliable operation.


Batteries applied in outdoor small communication base station projects generally require the use of lithium iron phosphate mga selula uban sa specifications of 48V50Ah as energy storage battery backup. Busacommunication base station equipment can still work normally after ang power failure,ngawill not produce secondary disasters.

Panguna nga kagamitans: solar panel, photoelectric controller,Kahon sa pag-andar, solar panel bracket, battery, cable, etc


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